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Since November 2012 53 companies from all over Europe joined the campaign and registered 482 needs for different types of fiberboards at this campaign site, and the result is clear. The demand for FSC certified fiberboards is substantial, and the business potential in production of more certified fiberboards and raw materials for fiberboards is therefore considerable.

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Change Our Fiberboards is about getting forest owners and fiberboard manufacturers to introduce more FSC certified fiberboard into their product ranges to meet the demand for FSC certified materials.

At present, there is a lack of FSC certified products in the fiberboard sector. By committing to this campaign and registering your organization’s fiberboard needs, you are showing manufacturers and forest owners that there is real demand for FSC certified fiberboard. Collectively, we can make a positive difference!

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You can also choose to support the campaign anonymously. You will be presented this choice after you have registered below. Please note that all other data you enter will remain confidential.

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The deadline for registration is 1st March 2013.
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„We experience a limited supply of FSC certified fiberboards on the market. This is a problem as more and more companies demand FSC certified fiberboards for their end-products. We commit to this campaign because we want to change the current situation and show manufacturers and forest owners the market potential in supplying FSC certified fiberboards. With this registration, we commit to buy the amounts of fiberboards which we sign up to, assuming that it at the time of availability is still relevant to our company, and assuming that we will be able to get the amount and qualities needed at the price we indicate is acceptable.“


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Legal Disclaimer: All information submitted during the registration process is confidential, and will be held securely by FSC Denmark. Specific information such as fiberboard demand figures will only be used to calculate overall demand, and will not be shared with third parties or linked directly to a specific company. Only the overall figures will be made public.